Products & Services

Valley Ice is packaged in 10 pound and 22 pound bags. Our bags are heat sealed as they are filled instead of using a metal tie. This prevents foreign objects such as pieces of the metal ties, to enter the bag and provides you with a better, more sanitary product.

We offer only the best quality Vogt tube ice. Vogt ice is clear, consistently sized, and untouched by human hands during the manufacturing process. It is excellent as an all purpose ice, superior for use in in-store dispensers, and it’s great for all types of drinks.

Valley Ice can provide a variety of ice merchandisers to suit your needs, for indoor and outdoor use. Outdoor units are available with capacities ranging from 800 to 2300 lbs of ice. Our 100 cubic foot model is shown to the left.
View our outdoor models.
We also offer a premier line of indoor merchandisers. View our indoor models.

Valley Ice can supply ice for your retail store, your construction company, or for your special event. With our large fleet of trucks we can handle deliveries of any size.