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You want the best ice possible to offer to your customers. Valley Ice uses only purified water to produce clean, crisp, clear ice. Ice is a food product, an important factor Valley Ice never forgets. Our water is filtered and lab tested before it becomes top quality ice.

Valley Ice can supply your stores with a variety of ice merchandisers, regularly filled with 10 pound bags of quality ice. Our professional account representative will meet with you, discuss your needs and fit you with the proper size merchandiser(s). With Valley Ice, you can be assured of a constant and dependable supply of quality ice.

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Our manufacturing, routing, and deliveries are optimized to create the most efficient process possible. Efficiency means your ice delivery is on time and stays cold, which helps reduce clumping.

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Our fleet of trucks are equipped to serve your location. Our lift gate-equipped trucks allow drivers to take an entire pallet to your merchandiser. Your ice is then quickly and neatly stacked.

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