For Your Event

Valley Ice can supply your event with a variety of ice merchandisers filled with 10 pound bags of quality ice. Our professional account representative can meet with you, discuss your needs and fit you with the proper size merchandiser. With Valley Ice, you can be assured of a constant and dependable supply of quality ice.

Guidelines for a successful event:

In cocktails, soda or wine, plan for 8 oz of ice per person. Make sure the dispensing container (ice bucket) is clean and sanitary. Ice is a Food and can harbor bacteria from an un-sanitized container.

To cool cans or bottles, 8-10 pounds of ice per case keeps them cold for 6-8 hours

To cool a keg, 50-70 pounds of ice keeps it cold for 6-8 hours.

For high temperatures and humidity, be sure to get and extra bag or two!

When handling ice a clean and sanitized ice scoop should be used. No bare hands please!

For Blender drinks, use the recommended amount of ice. Make sure again, that the blender is clean and sanitized and that the ice is not transferred to the blender with bare hands please!

For a tailgate party, have lots of ice on hand with separate coolers for the food and the ice. Have enough ice to keep the food properly chilled until you are ready to cook. Keep the drink ice separate too, so that people aren’t using the ice that has been in contact with hands, cans, and other unsanitary items.